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Night Leagues

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Kearny Mesa Bowl has bowling leagues for anyone from the beginner to the intermediate and advanced bowler.


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Many of our Leagues are Sanctioned through USBC

Winter 2018-19 Night Leagues

Mon.6:00 PMMonday HandicapHDCP Any 4$18 9/10/185:30 PM
Mon.8:45 PM630 Trios (29 wks 1 year book 60 gms or more)Scratch 3's$25 9/24/188:00 PM
Tues.6:00 PMWARRIORS sponserod  Columbia 300HDCP Men's 5's$22 9/4/188.28 @6:30
Tues.6:30 PMConfused GamblersHDCP Any 4's$22 9/4/186:30 PM
Tues.9:00 PMNevada Nights (Party in Vegas 25 wks)HDCP Any 4's$22 9/25/188:30 PM
Wed.6:00 PMPublic EmployeesHDCP Mixed 5's$18 9/5/185:30 PM
Wed.6:00 PMHigh Rollers (LGBT)HDCP Any 5's$20 9/5/188/29 @ 6:30PM
Wed.9:00 PMSDBowling Supply Winter Draft (185 min)Scratch 2's$25 9/12/188:30 PM
Thurs.6:00 PMThirsty NitesHDCP Mixed 5's$18 9/6/185:30 PM
Thurs.6:20 PMRainbow League (LGBT)HDCP Any 5's$20 9/6/188/30 @ 6:30PM
Thurs.9:00 PMSan Diego Gulls LeagueHDCP Any 4's$18 10/4/188:30 PM
Fri.6:00 PMFreeSwingersHDCP Any 4's$18 9/7/185:30 PM
Fri.6:00 PMGulls Family Night (Jr/Ad) SPORT SHOTHDCP Jr./Adult 4's$10 9/14/185:30 PM
Fri.6:30 PMHenkels & McCoyHDCP Any 4's$16 1/18/196:00 PM
Sat.6:00 PMRoll'N PinsHDCP Mixed 4's$18 9/8/185:30 PM
Sat.6:00 PMSats-A-Trip (Las Vegas)HDCP Any 4's$18 9/8/185:30 PM
Sun.12:30 PMEZ Pick-Ups LGBTHDCP Any 4's$13 TBA12:00 PM
Sun.6:30 PMFred P's Anonymous Bowlers League HDCP Mixed 4's$11 9/9/186:00 PM
Sun.7:00 PMSunday Mixed 4'sHDCP Mixed 4's$18 9/9/186:30 PM





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